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For her first new studio album in five years, the multi-awarded and internationally acclaimed Canadian songstress once again presents a conceptually ambitious piece of work with a unifying theme: an intimate collection of songs for the night-time. The iconic singer (and self-declared night-owl) from Toronto has gathered a close group of musical cohorts to orchestrate a sublime nocturnal journey that includes stops in a great variety of songbooks – from Waits to Lightfoot. Co-produced by Cole and Greg Cohen, it’s a captivating cycle of songs that delivers additional proof of Holly Cole’s unique mastery of song interpretation, this time featuring a theme where she is truly at home. Eleven wonderful tracks for the special time between dusk and dawn

Side One

1. You Only Live Twice
2. Walk Away
3. Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues
4. You’ve Got a Secret
5. Viva Las Vegas

Side Two

6. I Only Have Eyes for You
7. I Thought of You Again
8. Love Lies
9. Whistling Past the Graveyard
10. If You Go Away
11. If You Could Read My Mind